Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better late then never...

Timeless Tuesday on Thursday but I made it anyway. Simple card to cover the colors required and made it's kind of fall like. I don't know the name of this fern set but I thought it was kind of lovely. Used some of DD's stamps and inks and added a bit of blingers and was good to go. It is of course a Flourishes set so I stayed in the boundries of good taste.
Been busy doing pretty much nothing as I am trying to find myself. Did have a really fun time last week when DD and I went to a gold we did not pan for gold but instead took our old gold out of wherever and I did not take my crowns off my teeth but instead searched my jewelry box and found some old stuff that brought in $155. I convinced DD to have a party at her abode and that is scheduled for sometime in October. Hope you are all well and tomorrow or soon I will post my new house pictures. I now have a garage floor and also a basement floor. They are due to start the framing on Tuesday and then it will look like a house. YES!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Timeless Tuesday....Celebration

Well Miss Dee is hostessing the challenge and she says to celebrate and you can celebrate anyway you want so....I love Halloween so I am celebrating it today a bit in advance. This is from Flourishes Halloween set and as the phrase says " I'm witching you a Happy Halloween". I think someone stole my boots and made a stamp out of them cause these are just my cup of brew when in comes to Halloween celebrating. And hey, speaking of brew I guess before you know it the time will come to make some of my favorite "Witches Brew". Care to join me in a cup or two or three or four? Wow that made my head spin just thinking of that brew. If you want it to be spooky brew just add a little food coloring...I like purple as it's dark and dreary for a night of fright and fun. Ooops I degressed a bit so back to the card. All I did was stamp, color, add a bit of matching ribbon by Paper Studio which is a copied thier matching DP. A bit busy but I loved the paper and ribbon and decided to use it. I'm not happy with my picture but it's a new camera and I'm trying to get used to it. Probably doesn't work as well as it would if it were red hot red like my new computer and car. Oh, well can't win them all. Happy week bloggers and I'll talk again soon.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Hole in the Ground

Here's my update on the hole in the ground. As you can see the foundation is now poured and dried and come Monday they will be working to fill in for the basement walls. You're probably thinking...big deal, it's just a bunch of nothing but hey, be kind as it's my future home. It's the first time in my lifetime that I will be building ( well Ok, not me personally but you know what I mean) a brand spanking new home. Wish my hubby were here but I know he is in spirit. Are you as excited as I am in seeing the progress??? Well stayed tuned and I will be back with more photos. Peachy keen isn't it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TT You're in the Spotlight!!

Well it's Timeless Tuesday at Flourishes and the challenge is to bring your image or part of it into the spotlight. I love being in the spotlight don't you??? Well not really, but there are times it's fun to have the spotlight put on you and so I decided to join the fun. For this one I used Flourishes Apple blossoms set which I had to borrow from DD as my stuff is still in storage. Reminds me of that song from the 40's ...I'll be with you in apple blossom time"..I know most of you are saying "what the heck is this old lady nuts" I never heard of such a song. Well it's an oldie but goodie. I tried something a bit different on this one by stamping in a soft pink ink for my card and then of course some black for the spotlight part. Used 2 circle punches to get the "in the spotlight" effect.

Stamp, color with your favorite source of coloring which of course for me are my water color pencils and then using a blender. Just added a bit of bling and some glitter on my spotlighted flowers. Easy peasy and oh so pleasy.

Fill in on the house building...the foundation was poured and is dry and today some cowboy was driving his back hoe up and down putting in gravel which I guess is the base before the concrete. Note I said " I guess" because I'm no expert when it comes to these things so I am just guessing, and besides I'm more interested in the dudes in the cowboy hats. I think for safety they sould make a cowboy hard hat...what do you think? Hopefully by tomorrow there will be some basement walls up. I will take some pictures and post so you can see the progress.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Step Up and do "Manly"

Today's challenge at Sharon Johnson's site is to make a manly card...and be kind to that man and don't give him tons of blingers and ribbons. The challenge is "manly" not wimpy or fancy! I used some wonderful BG I just whipped up with my every so wonderful Scor-Buddy or something like that and WOW...didn't it come out just perfect?? Liar, liar, pants on fire because I stole it from DD's tut which you can find here. Did I fool you even just a little when I said I did it? Anyway, it was so perfect for a "manly" type card I just borrowed it for the time being and created a card with it. I also snagged her stamp set and used the wonderful sailing ship from Flourishes. Just stamped and beat up the edges with my cute little SU
rougher upper thingy and then put some copper rub a buff along the rough edges. I decided since this card was "manly" not to fancy it up much so I just put the rusty ribbon and then added the black jute which I did a number on and unravelled it making it look rough and tough. Does it look like a spider to you ???

Well spiders are for the tough men in your life .When you see one don't you scream and go crazy yelling...kill it I think it's a terantula? I personally don't do that because I'm a gutsy gal and even though I don't like committing murder I do crush the little buggers and they are goners.

Well fellow bloggers ,I hope you have a great weekend . It's chilly here in the state of Montana but hey fall is due soon so just live with it is my motto. See you soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Check out my new house....

And here's my builder and I, enjoying a beer on my new "front porch"...

Wahoo...they actually started the dig yesterday and for fun we all went down to the site to see the hole. Julie brought her camera and took some pictures for posterity ( better known as a scrapbook). I'm standing with a beer in my hand and I don't even drink but we are celebrating the big event so I just held it for the picture. You can't tell but I am standing on what will be my front porch which will run the front of the house so if I have tons of old men coming to call I will have room for their rocking chairs ....and mine too. I looked at this picture and decided I need a smaller size jeans as these do look kind of big for me. Isn't the builder a cutie?? He's a really nice "young" man and is a delight to be around as is his brother and sister who are the company all rolled into one. I'll keep posting the good news of the progress as the dirt pile grows larger and larger. Gosh just think of all the fun I can have with the g-kids with our pails and shovels. See you soon.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Timeless Tuesday & then some...

Well this is a three for oner ( I made up that word..don't you love it?). Well in case you don't get it I'll do an explanation. Flourishes, Bring Back the Beautiful say's be rustic ( I chose to use rusty colors cause I'm a rebel), Timeless Tuesday said to use a ticket approach, and finally since Flourishes is celebrating it's 3rd. birthday we need to wish them a Happy Birthday which BTW you need to put on your glasses to look for the phrase as it's stamped in too light a brown to see really well but it's the thought that counts...isn't it? So look down at your fingers and do a little counting and you will end up with a three for oner just like I told you. I used the sillouette stamp set and you can see the kiddos doing cart wheels cause they are giving tickets to see Nanny McPhee but since I took my g-kids to see it I have to tell you to save the money and see something else. Sometimes I think when they make a good movie they need to leave it alone and not sequel it but that of course is just my opinion. Cute but not great. Stamped in a brown tone and used the good old die cuts from Spellbinders # blank blank ...I think you're smart enough to know if you have them or not. Add a brad or 2 , and a cute Bow Easy bow and guess what??? You're done baby!

On a lighter note...they have not started the dig yet and needless to say, I guess when they are ready they will get down and dirty and I'll see the hole from where my new home will emerge. It is what it is. See you soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Stampin Up one

Well I used my Just Believe set on this card and made it soft as possible with a sweet color called Seashell Pink. Very simple ( just like me) just stamp, add some bling and you are fini. I'm trying to adjust to being in cowboy land and can you believe I already have my eyes on a real cutie at the local paint store. Step # 1 find out if he's ring but let's face it, some of those guys out there are sneeky pete's and don't wear a ring. DD said working in the paint store he probably wouldn't wear one because he wouldn't want to tangle with those paint stirring machines. Guess that would be a good reason and I don't think I'd be as interested if he was fingerless. Oh, well ...on to Step # 2 which is to ask my builder (who knows this cutie) if he is married and if not then I guess I'll be spending some time looking at paint chips. I'll keep you posted. Hope your week is going well...mine is. Talk soon.