Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday...happy new life

Well today is my son Justin's birthday and he really is 29 joke, it's for real. Happy Birthday and happy "new" life. He left Michigan Friday to head out to start a new life in Broomfield, Colorado. He left me a voice message that I heard this a.m. that he arrived safe and sound. Well maybe not so sound, but very tired after the 2 day drive. His fiance Callie took her little Corgi dog with her ( they took 2 cars) and they had to make several potty stops for Diva the dog. But they are there in a new place to start a good life with something they can't find here in Michigan...JOBS. Good luck to you and Happy Birthday to Justin.

This card was done with the Corvette stamp which I received from by good friend Mary Schreiber who lives in Minnesota.It's part of a set of Chevy cars from the stamp company The Angel Company. This is the first time I've heard of this company but I love this '57 corvette which was my dear husband Will's first Corvette that he restored. Brings back such wonderful memories.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday challenge use red and a heart

Well today is the Friday challenge at notitmetostamp
which is to use red and a heart. I decided to make a card that is also a Valentine tag attachment so it can be used by the receipient to grace a package. Found this stamp in the Mike's " one dolla make you holla" bin and snapped it up for just this kind of occasion. Swiped it with my red marker for the coloring and stamped.Easy card as I went to my stash of bits and pieces and found the right papers and slapped this together in a snap. Put on a few blings and away we go.

Hope you all have a fun weekend.Mine will be all work and no play which makes Pat a dull wonder why? My son left for a move to Colorado this a.m. and I have the dust bowl to unearth. That is his room/suite he has occupied for the last over 3 years. Don't know where to begin but do know I will need many bags for trash. Ever see a shower stall that has black mold on it??? Yikes I think I need to get out a gas mask and grab the bleach and step into that mess to start the cleaning process. Have a handy man but don't want him to see the filth so will try to help out a bit. This having an adult move back home is standard here in Michigan and it's the same for my friends that have men move back home. We have decided they are pigs in the disguise of a man. See you soon.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flourishes Timeless Tuesday... Inspired by the letter "P"...

Hey all, it's me the RubberMaid. I am so honored, or should I say "pleased" beyond belief to be your hostess for today's fantabuous Timeless Tuesday challenge! Thank you Betty and the rest of the FOF for the invitation! Today's challenge is to use the letter " P" for your inspiration. Crazy??Well not really, just think a bit and you realize there are endless Possibilites. I'm thinking...Poppy, pink, pearls, punches, purple,piercing, and well now do you get the picture?? Sure you do, so get movin' and make those perfectly, pretty, positively aPPealing cards. Use your Perfect & Popular Flourishes stamp or stamps to create a Pleasing Presentation. OMGoodness I'm going to puke with all these P's present so let's get on with my card!!

I used the wonderful Flourishes Poppy to create (and of course it starts with the letter P ). I masked (who is that masked man you ask??? why it's the Lone Ranger..hi ho Silver away!) oh boy did I ever digress..sorry but as you know I sometimes do that, anyway I was able to fill my oval full of the lovely poppies colored a beautiful "pink" with my watercolored pencils. Found this beautious background paper by g.c.d studios and after mounting my two Nesties ( I personally didn't mount them but did glue them together) I put them on my Pinkini paper. Honest that's the name of this pink Bazzil paper. Of course it needed some Pearls & a Pink satin ribbon from Mike's to help finish it off ( bet you'd like to finish me off right about now) and last but not least my phrase which is also from Flourishes,the Gerbera daisy set.

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Great news peeps! I was able to pull an all nighter last not working on this card, an all nighter for us oldies is when you can go the whole night without getting up in the middle of the night to make a potty stop. I know TMI, but for me it's very exciting and it is inspired by the letter P. And now I'm off to get my pot..( oh I know what you're thinking...not that kind of pot )my tea pot for a cup of green tea. It is so soothing after a long day of stamping. Happy week dear stampers and until we meet again, keep those fingers inky!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Challenge....Vintage

Today's challenge @ notimetostamp is to use a vintage theme. Well it sums me up to a tee...not to boast or anything but Mr. Webster's definition is... characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal. Now doesn't that just sum this old broad up perfectly?? It can also mean old and outmoded but I'm going with defi # 1. This was a very easy card as I used some Crafty Secret's Cotton Scraps, my oval Nesties a bit of pretty ribbon from my boy pal Mike and some sweet matching pearls. My little thank you is from Flourishes. I feel "vintage" at this stage in my life; however, when you think about it I also feel wiser and more appreciative of what life is all about. So you see getting old is not all that bad if you keep a good attitude. My only complaint is where are all those old men who could take me to dinner or out for a beer? I'll just keep myself moving and start having some fun with my old lady friends. And by the way...where are all my "peeps" this year??? I do need help with my Valentine drive so if you can spare you time and talent please join in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Timeless Tuesday ....oh yes it's Wednesday

Well I know I'm late but I just wasn't up to par yesterday and I wasn't even golfing.
Had a bit of a queasy feeling sort of like you get when you're pregnant or something but I knew that was impossible so I just went to bed for a bit and decided to wait until today to do the challenge. Make a scene...well I can surely make a scene when I want to but I decided to be nice and not throw a fit and just try to do this challenge. The result...not so good, it needs something but not sure what. Maybe a handsome man and beautiful lady sitting and sharing a glass of wine or something cool and buzzy. This is Flourishes Summer on the patio and don't we all wish we were sitting on a patio and it was summer! Oh, yes indeedy. Makes me think of all those fun picnics where we sit and fight off the bugs, family, and the bring a dish to pass. Oh, summer I just love it especially the thought of seeing my skin turn red instead of blue like it is during the cold cold months. Anyway this card was to create a scene and I did it. Hey guys what does it need to spruce it up??? Thought the awning was a bit of a special touch but then I lost it. If you find the answer...let me know. See you soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday's challenge....Spring flowers

Friday challenge at notimetostampWell I guess I didn't pay attention as to what this challenge really was and set out to make a simple card that had some flowers on it. I decided that to get out of the Winter duldrums I needed some bright and cheerful paper so I grabbed my pad of Basic Gray, Lemonade which is bright and cheerful. I had these tags in my stash and thought...hey this is perfect to do a speedo card and join in the fun. My little phrase is an Impression Obsession stamp or should I just say an IO. Nothing to it, just the one stamping of the phrase and then it's slapping it all together and you're good to go. Winter reminds me of looking in the mirror and seeing myself with that gray hair and washed out snow look. My saving grace...the eyes aren't as good as they used to be so unless I really look hard, it's not too bad.
Yikes Spring can't come soon enough.
Gotta buzz now as my favorite soap is on...The Young and the Rest of Us. Did you ever notice that the characters have all been married to one another at one time or another??? Even the little kids grow up and marry their step-father who never grows old. Crazy but I still love it.
Happy weekend fellow bloggers, hope it's a goody one.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...Sketch challenge

Well dear and lovely Silke is hosting today's challenge for Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes. You can be shady or you can be sketchy and I prefer the sketchy as let's face it ...someone does most of the work for you by providing a layout pattern. Well I love that kind of deal but being a bit ornery( yep, the resolution is kaput) I decided to change it up a bit and use one of my Nestie shapes instead of the circle. When I picked my color I had already decided to pick cherries for my image. Picking cherries at this time of year is like BRRRRR!!! So when I stamped and colored my bunch I put some glitter on to make it look like they were a bit chilly. It's a plain and simple card following the sketch and making it my own with a fruity take which is better then a flaky take. Don't know about you but I'm sick of those flakes called snow. We are due for a warm up. Going up into the 30's and that will seem like a sunny beach in Florida to me. My neighbor is going out of town so my son and I are working on our wiseman's new costume for a surprise when he comes home. I'm thinking a chef hat and apron with a sign that say's Burger or Brat? His grill is just outside his back door and he does use it in the winter. I'll take a picture if we can pull it off. Have a great week stampers and remember to always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident. As for us "oldies" we carry a clean pair in case we HAVE an accident. It's a crapper getting old...can't even sneeze without a problem.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Love is in the air

Well Friday's challenge at notimetostamp is all about love. You gotta have love..all you really need is love. That's an oldie but goodie and if love is in the air then why not put it in the air, which I did on my card. I went for a sappy hearty card using my hearts from Hero Arts along with the love( up in the air) also a Hero Arts, and the wonderful Flourishes sweet peas. Yea, I know I just used it but it was just sitting there begging for me to stamp it again. Found my bling at Hobby Lobby and decided to get a little crazy and just bling all over the place. Why??? cause love is in the air and us old folks get stuck with an idea and just run with it.
We had snow up the wahzoo and cleaning it up is a pain in the butsky ( that's Polish for butt). First the dang snow blower wouldn't start, not even with the electric starter then it finally gets started and I discover after trying for 10-15 mins. I needed a break. Well getting undressed to take a relief is worse then getting the blower started ...layers of clothes to take off for a few mins. and then time to redress and hit the slopes...oh no I'm demented I'm not on the slopes I'm in my driveway trying to clean up the mess. Success, it restarts, I run ( well that's an exaggeration) up and down the driveway blowing dust to the wind and I make it. Fini and not a minute too soon as I am exhausted and worn out for the day.
Happy weekend fellow bloggers and let's hope no more little white flakes fall for the next couple of days.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Timeless Tuesday...use Yellow, Black & another color

Well it's time for another challenge at Flourishesand today the sweet and beeutiful Maki is telling us to use yellow, black, and another color. So since my New Year's resolution is not to be so ornery and not complain and be sweet...dang it, what goes with yellow and black nicely??? I came up with a sort of steel blue of some sort. Yea I know, quit complaining and do your card. I chose Flourishes wonderful sweetpeas and used my faithful water colored pencils and simply and very simply stamped, colored, used my Nestie rectangle cut, a bit of steel blue ribbon, and a few blingers. Voila ( that's French for like so there!). Oops a bit of ornery just slipped on by. Sorry. Honest I am very sorry but I have to tell you after my episode last night you can maybe understand my mean spirited attitude. I was getting ready for bed, and was very tired but knew I had to brusha brusha before jumping into bed so I pulled out the toothbrush and gel and started my nightly routine. I thought to myself this toothpaste tastes really weird and when it started tasting really bad I looked down at the tube on the counter top to see...OMGosh. Preperation H Cooling gel. Yikes I frantically started rinsing and spitting and trying to figure out if I needed to call 911 or not. Let me tell you...DO NOT try this at home or anywhere else for that matter. Yucky! And further more I guess I will have to start my nightly routine a bit earlier so I'm a little more alert. You notice I said ...a "little" more alert. Well that's it fellow bloggers. Off to take a much needed nap. See you soon.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Back & Raring to Goooooo!

Yep I know I've been slacking off on posting but the holidays get us old folks down at times and I decided to give myself a little rest. Then I misplaced my glasses and do you find your glasses when, you need them, to find them??? Anyway I am trying something new today, a challenge with Caardvark's. Crazy spelling on that sight but who am I too criticize...afterall this is my first time trying their challenge and I don't want to get them mad before they get to know me, then of course if I get too crazy...they can block me. Here's the plan, follow the sketch shown below and that's what I did and oh yes, you need to use
Just Rite stuff which I just so happen to have. So here's the sketch

So here's what I came up with. Did a little paper piercing to make the line formations. Isn't that special? And of course some bling is always a must. Don't look too closly as I smeared the word celebrate and since the card was together I thought, oh what the heck nobody will even notice if I don't tell them.

Happy New Year to you's the begining of a new era or is that the beginning of a new error??? With me it's the later of course, but as my Mom once said be kind to your elders. My big question is, where the heck are they?? Happy New Year and Happy new week. Talk soon.