Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday challenge...super simple & Penny's challenge

Well how about them apples...being simple comes easy for me being I'm a bit "simple" minded. Mr. Webster says "simple" is not involved or complicated, now doesn't that define me totally??? You bet it does. I simply want to have fun without complication or consequences and how hard is that! Well sometimes I pay the consequences but not too often. Yeah, I know I'm annoying but get over it! Life is too short to worry about the small stuff. This is a Stampin Up card all the way. Cute embossing folder cut on a diagonal to use for side of card, an adorable ornament punch and the little phrase. How super simple it was and also cute to boot. Now you know you love it, and if not then I guess we will say goodbye for now. Have a fun and happy weekend. I plan to eat lots of left overs and especially lovin that punkin pie with whipped topping.
Just realized this qualifies for Penny's Challenge which says no DP and since this card has no DP I guess I'm in.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Table Treat

Well I was minding my own business ( for a change) and the doorbell ding donged and there was a guy holding a box covered in celephane and yep under the clear wrap was this very lovely flower arrangement for ME !!! Well wasn't that a sweet surprise from DD and family to set out on my Thanksgiving dinner table. This way she will be celebrating along with just me and my son Justin ( her brother). Thanks Jules, Ken, Cal, Ellie, and Maggie ( she's their dog). I cherish your thoughtfullness and it will be nice to know you are with us in this wonderful way. I hope you all have a wonderful meal and all take the time to pray for all those that are less fortunate and also for the young men and women who are in service to our country and can not be home with their families and friends. May God bless and keep everyone safe. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And Happy Birthday to my SIL Ken, love you dearly. MIL

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Timeless Tuesday...Christmas theme

It's Timeless Tuesday @ Flourishes and I'm choosing to use a Christmas theme today.
Well since I am busy with passing out the Thanksgiving baskets at church I decided to use this picture of myself instead of stamping a card. What... you don't see me as an angel??? Well it's definetely not Hearald from Hark oh Herald, angel sing cause it looks like a pretty hot mama angel playing a little blues on her long horn, so yes, it could be me even though I haven't a clue how to blow a horn. This gorgeous little angel is stamped with Brilliance pearlized soft blue ink and just sprinkled with a bit of gold EP ( embossing powder) which if you do it lightly enough, you get a hint of glitzy gold on your image. Added some blueish blingers and a soft blue satin ribbon which I tied in a bow with my Bow Easy. My stamp a Flourishes was bought last year & brought out of moth balls to get it used a bit this year. Easy card cause I don't have time for playing around.
We are giving out 350 baskets to the needy and so I am a busy old broad. Good for the heart and soul to be a part of this fabulous program. I am blessed believe me, to be able to give hope to those who are so less fortunate then we are. I send you all blessings for a very Happy Thanksgiving. May your family and friends be many and your table plentiful.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Packaging...or something like that

Well today at notimetostamp it's all about packaging ( don't know if that's the right spelling) and as far as packing something I sure can do that lately. I've been packing on the pounds and must really look into a recycled new body. BUT for now let's play the challenge. I made up my own paper to cover this CD container. Found this stamp in the dollar bin at my pal Mike's place and you have to admit he does have some great buys in those bins. I embossed in white on bright red cs and just added a bow ( double bowed with the Bow Easy),and to finish it off, did my tag with the same stamp using red ink, and added a few blingers. The little merry phrase is from Morning Star Co. Easy peasy and there you have it.
Remember to head over to DD's and wish her a Happy Birthday as I said in the post below. Have a great weekend and see you next time.

There's a Birthday to celebrate!!!

Yep today is DD's birthday and I hope you take a moment of your busy day to stop over and wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JULIE. You probably wonder how old she is right??? Well if you are good at math I'll give you a little problem to solve that will tell you her age...ready? Add 2x10, plus 4, plus 5x2,plus 15, minus 5,minus 8, plus 3,...oh dang I screwed it all up but anyway she's a young chick whose mother hen truly loves and wishes her the best of a wonderful birthday. Jump on over to say Happy Birthday by clicking here. Happy Birthday to Julie and happy Friday to you all.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Am I seeing Double???

Well I guess you are right if you thought you were seeing double as I did this Santa just on Sunday's post BUT that was soft and sweet and I think this card is a little more playful but I could be wrong. I'm sorry if you all thought I was depressed on Sunday...I really wasn't, just a bit "up tight" but after a little fiber I was moving along just fine. This is becoming my favorite Christmas stamp and since Flourishes is having Timeless Tuesday I thought...well let's just change it up and use it again. Silke Ledlow is hosting this week with a sketch challenge and I love when someone else uses their brain power and shows me what to do. I don't like taking orders but when it comes to something like this I say...go for it. Follow the sketch cause it makes it easy peasy. My stamps are from the Flourishes Santa set that is new this year and as you can see and as I already told you...I love it. Use some nice trim paper and just slap that fat man all together. If you click on my image you can get a much better take on my card. It just wouldn't co-operate with my digi camera. Happy Tuesday !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus...

Well it was a boring day in the life of the Rubbermaid so she decided to just sit with her fancy cup of coffee and stamp, stamp, stamp. Dang I was really bored! We had a dark dreary day and I felt like instead of blogging about my life I needed to get one. My friends are leaving the area and heading to the heat belt and the closest thing to heat for me, is to sit on my heating pad and dream. I know I sound bitter...well so what if I am?? My buddy Ray is heading to Atlanta and then on to California and where am I going you ask??? Nowhere that's where and so I hit the rubber to the ink and stamp. This Santa is a Flourishes set and golly do I ever love this guy. He's a big fella and requires a larger size card but he does make up so nicely. I used some walnut distress ink to get the tone I wanted and colored ever so lightly and little. My phrase is Impression Obsession and I got my paper Fancy Pants in Montana and it made for a perfectly lovely background for the fat man. Added a snipet of ribbon and I'm done. So tonight it's time for Desperate Housewives and those ladies ( and I use the phrase ever so loosely) are even more deaperate then I am. Happy new week and I'll be back too soon for words.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Timeless Tuesday on Thursday??? Now that's really Late

Well what can I say but better late then never??? Maybe in this case it should have been never. I made a gift bag for Flourishes Timeless Tuesday and with the sketch for Penny's challenge I followed it with a card. As I said perhaps I should have just skipped it this week as it's not the best work...but it if you were getting a gift of Sumatra coffee and a mug to serve it in I guess you wouldn't care about the gift bag it came in. I used the Flourishes poinsettia set for both the bag and the card. Been blowing leaves with a wonderful blower my husband invented more then 30 years ago. To say it's powerful is being modest, it actually blew all of my perennials into the ravine the first time we tried it out. It's a neat piece of equipment that you just roll around and it blows the leaves in like 5 mins. Awesome and certainly helpful for these old bones. Happy Thursday one and all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Penny's challenge....winter scene

Penny's challenge this week is to do a winter scene. When I read that I thought to I have to?? am I ready for winter?? Absolutely not, but I gave it the old college try and this is what I came up with. This is a very old stamp that I never use cause to be honest with you I don't think it's all that impressive and I don't know why I bought it in the first place. I guess the company that made it wasn't that proud of it either because it doesn't show a name...oops! in very tiny print I just found PSX. Anyway, just stamp and use a bit of colored pencils and then add some glitter glue by Stickles and you're almost there. I did some fancy schmansy punched corners, a bit of $1 bin ribbon and a snowflake by SU and I'm done. I'd rather think of heading to my place in Florida on the beach where I can lay in the sun in my bikini and have all the old men drooling at the sight of me...But since I don't have a place on the beach in Florida or anywhere else nice and warm I guess I'll have the snowblower checked out and get it ready for my winter scene instead. Happy Thursday to you all.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Timeless Tuesday go neutral with colored image

Well what is neutral you might ask??? According to the inter-net it can be black, white, gray, ivory etc. To be safe I went with plain old white...devoid of color since I needed to color my image. And speaking of coloring my image, well I'm sure when you were small, your Mom used the term " waste not, want not" and so I decided to use left over yarn to knit Frosty's scarf. Looks like a remenant of Joseph's technicolor coat, but I know I did not waste in this case and used just about all the colors. For my textured background I ran my card stock through the Big Shot to get a snow like look cause after all Frosty is a "snow"man. Didn't have a Flourish stamp for this...Sorry, so I used a snowman I've had for years and who I thought was really quite cute. This is put out by Print Works. Used my colored pencils and a blender, which by now you know is my favorite way to color up my images. Did a die cut from Spellbinder's label # 3 that I bought on special at good old Hobby Lobby.Also found the little blingers of glittery red and used those for holly berries. Love that place and when I visit DD we head on over. Happy Tuesday to you all and I'll be back again soon.