Friday, October 31, 2008

Stamp Simply - All Buttoned Up!

Meet Beaulah T Witch, who is all ready to do the Monster Mash on this happy day of Halloween. I'm sure you have seen little Ellie in her witch costume flyin high in the sky over the front lawn of the house. How cute her costume is, bright and colorful . She can be found on Julie's sight which is of course...outtoimpress. Have a great Halloween to you all and when we next meet....I will be back in my own neck of the woods. Have a great weekend to you all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sending Joy...

This is a very easy card done focusing on the DP which I picked up here in Billings at a wonderful shop. Used the Spellbinders snowflake die cut and just added 2 punched circles with the word Joy done in brick red. Of course for some added bling I used some gorgeous ribbon DD had on hand. Easy peasy but I think rather nice. Well I have to tell y'all ( that's western talk for you all), no luck on finding the cowboy yet. I'm going to have to have new heels put on my boots because I've worn them totally down in my search. All I've go to say is....cow puckies. These guys don't know what they are missing with this old broad. So I guess I will just keep my fingers inky and keep hugging the grandkids and call it a day. Happy Tuesday one and all.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well I guess you all know...I am in Big Sky Country aka Billings, Montana. I was coralled into a Stampin Up class by my DD Julie and so I will show you what we made. It's kind of cool and was really quite easy. It's a folder full of cute Christmas cards with snow flakes made out of felt that SU ( that's Stampin Up) sells. I was really more interested in coralling a cowboy over making cards but, I relented and went to the class. The folder is big enough to hold all 5-6 we made. Julie took the pictures for me so that is why they are so clear. Nice for a change eh? I agree she does a nice photo job. So take a look and enjoy.

I am having fun with my family here especially the grandchildren who I can't hug and spoil enough. Still on the look out for that special old toot who is ready for a good laugh and a fancy dance step or two. Seen some cowboy hats but so far nothing under them are of interest so I'll keep on with the big search. I'll be back soon so keep on stampin and having good laughs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quickie Card

This was a real quickie...not that kind of quickie but a card quickie. Done with a little wreath embellishment from Mike's place put out by Recollections. Neat 3 for $1
and that means 3 wreath cards. Cool ! the little Merry Christmas is from Morning Star and my ribbon was a real bargain from the dollar store, it was also 3 for $1. Funny thing about the dollar store...there is this old guy who is the manager and I think he's got a "thing" for me. Not only is he polite in the store but he's nice in the parking lot.He's not my type as he wears those gold chains hanging on a open necked shirt with his chest showing. UGH !!! Anyway, I leave for Montana in the early a.m. hours so I'll see some real men. Cowboys, wahoo. When we next talk, I will be in Big Sky country. Awesome!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cards 4 Kids So Cute!

I received some just adorable cards from Elena who is at She was kind enough to send some cards that will go out to the hospital this week. Thank you so much Elena, how sweet are the cards and you too for sending them and taking part in my project. I really appreciate all you friends in blogland who have sent in questions and shown interest in helping. Thanks and any questions either check out the link on the side that says
Cards 4 Kids or write me an e-mail and I will be happy to lead you down the path of making some child very happy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Toadally There for You

This is one of the cards my friend Curt O'Brien sent for the Cards 4 Kids Program you can find him @ This is an adorable card that is toadally awesome. I apprecaite your sending cards in Curt and give you a big, the very biggest thank you. All the bloggers that have helped are so supportive and I do appreciate it as does the hospital. How do you thank someone like my DD Julie who sent me 100 cards and has 30 notebooks waiting for me in Montana!You all know her as ( a really and truly great artist). All I can say is Thank You good people.
I only have to wait until Thursday and then I fly out to see my grandkids and Julie & Ken. I can hardly wait. Waahoo!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Challenge No Images Just Phrase

Well this is a toughie but since my friend Penny makes the most beautiful stamps with awesome phrases I used one of her's for this card. She is Penny Black in case you are not familiar. Just used a green marker to color up the phrase and then on to the matting. Background paper came from Mike's place along with some sweet organdy ribbon and some glitzy little stones. Cut a fancy corner with a designer punch and viola you have my card.Are you all ready for a glorious weekend of cider & donuts??
Well come on now if you don't get them soon they will be gone. Keep those fingers dirty and that cutter cutting but most of all...have a great weekend. Counting down the days until I fly out to DD's place and it's less then a week now. HOORAY !!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been Tagged

I've been tagged by Shirley Ross and somebody else and I can't remember who told me that. I'm in a fog lately. Six things about me???
1. In a fog lately
2. Need to wash my windows so it doesn't look like a deserted haunted house.
3. I plan to visit my daughter and family in 10 days....hip hip hooray !
4. The stock market took a dive and so did my old age savings....HELP.
5. I love a good laugh and sometimes get VERY silly and love it.
6. I many be old and rusty but and I do say but...I'm a smart old broad who has learned a lot along the way.
That's what I have to tell you and I'm stickin to it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cards 4 Kids from Toni

I received some cards in the mail on Sat. from Toni who is She sent some adorable Halloween cards and I wanted to post them as they are so stinkin cute. Thanks Toni for helping make some kids at the hospital happy. A box load is going to the hospital on Thursday so Toni's will be included. Many thanks to Toni, and also to my DD Julie who sent me 100 cards to forward on to the kids. I'm sure the administrator Deanna will be overwhelmed by the huge donations. I have had many responses for this cause and I am so grateful to all of you who are willing to participate, looking forward to getting the cards.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Challenge Stamp Simply

Time for Friday challenge with Sharon Johnson whose blog is at Sharon is a very elegant stamper who loves to be flamboyant with beautiful ribbons, a touch of the out of ordinary with a stick pin or you name it she finds it and turns it into a piece of art. My card is done on copper cardstock with a chocolate mat stamped and embossed with copper leaves. To try for some elegance I used deep brown chiffon ribbon and added a runner of copper embroidery threads, which I incorperated into my bow. Simple yet fancy too.
We are going for another beautiful autumn day here in Michigan and I'm planning on enjoying it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Love these Stickers

This sticker is from the page my Santa came from a few weeks ago. It is K & Company and the artist is Elizabeth Brownd. It is an awesome sticker sheet and I should be able to get at least 5-6 cards out of just the one sheet. I picked them up at my friend Mike's place. Also found this wonderful organdy ribbon and the crushed gold mat paper there too. I have to tell Mike that his shoppers are really improving in getting such high quality embellishments for us card makers. When I see him I think he deserves a big hug...don't you agree? He never seems to be in the store when I go so maybe I will have to give the manager John the hug to pass along. John is a cute old bald guy who is so darn helpful you can't help but like him. Well stampers, keep those fingers dirty and try to keep the glue dots where they belong. Talk soon.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn in Michigan

Well our leaves are starting to show their glorious fall hues and I wanted to share a bit with you.
The bright red is our burning bushes which goes from a green to pink and to red. It is really a georgous sight to see. The close up shows you how it's getting to that bright red and the tree on the side of the road is at it's rusty red hue which will soon become a bright red as it is a maple.
Love this time of year and thought you Southerners might enjoy seeing what you miss during Autumn.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Little Tenors

Well this cute trio of snowmen represent the famous Three Tenors who I am having sing the praises to Becky Oehlers who is and who is this Friday's challenge to mimic. Well I can't begin to mimic some of these fantastic ladies but since Becky is an opera singer I am dedicating this card to her with my three tenors. They are singing
White Christmas in Italian ( hope that is operatic enough or kind of close). This is a rubber cling stamp that I have no idea who made it as I removed it from it's backing board and that is long gone. Anyway I know Becky uses ribbon and stamps clean and crisp so this is the best I could come up with. Happy weekend all you dirty fingered people out there in blogland. Don't forget tomorrow is World Card Making Day and try and join in the blog hopping fun.